Familiar London, painted by Rose Barton.


Date: 1904



xii, 208 p. illus. 23 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. A Hot Afternoon in Piccadilly
11. Brompton Road on a Foggy Evening
12. Oxford Street from the Corner of Bond Street
13. A Pinch of Salt
14. Spring-time
15. Isthmian Club, Piccadilly
16. Sailing-boats on the Serpentine
17. The Crossing, Hyde Park Corner
18. Hyde Park Corner : Wet Day
19. Azaleas in Bloom, Rotten Row
2. Title Page
20. In Kensington Gardens
21. By the Ring, Hyde Park : Evening
22. Waiting for Royalty
23. H.R.H Prince George of Wales
24. In the Strand : Waiting for Election News
25. The Royal Exchange
26. Cloth Alley, Smithfield
27. Flower Girls in the Strand
28. Rus in Urbe
29. Old River-wall, Chelsea
3. H.R.H Prince George of Wales watching the Shots Guards from Marlborough House
30. The Last Lamp, Thames Embankment
31. Who is it?
32. Entrance to the Apothecaries' Garden
33. Out for the Day
34. The Pensioners' Garden, Royal Hospital, Chelsea
35. Emanuel Hospital, Westminster
36. Nelson's Column in a Fog
37. Gordon's Statue
38. Haste to the Wedding
39. Fire
4. Westminster
40. St Mary's-le-Strand
41. Drinking - fountain in St James's Park
42. Feeding the Gulls from the Bridge in St James's Park
43. Parliament Street
44. Changing Guard, Whitehall
45. St Bartholomew's Hospital
46. The Guards marching near St James's Palace
47. The Thames, Charing Cross
48. Toddlers
49. Cromwell Road
5. The Drive, Hyde Park
50. St James's Street: Levee Day
51. South Kensington Station
52. Brompton Road, looking East
53. Constitution Hill; The Blues
54. Villiers Street, Charing Cross
55. Fleet Street
56. The Lady in Waiting
57. Tottenham Court Road
58. Three Little Ducks
59. Hammersmith 'Bus
6. The Row
60. Nelson's Column, and Portico of St Martin's-in-the-Fields
61. Bell Inn, Holbom
62. St Martin's-in-the-Fields
63. Waterloo Bridge
64. Back Cover
7. Ludgate Hill
8. Grosvenor Place on a Wet Day
9. Under Hungerford Bridge

Publisher: London : Adam and Charles Black




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-29

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