[Volume 2] Excursions in and about Newfoundland During the Years 1839 and 1840


Date: 1842



Joseph Beete Jukes was a geologist who studied at Cambridge under the famous Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873) and eventually became a prominent member of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. In 1839, after many field expeditions in England, he was appointed to a survey of Newfoundland, a place about which he had until then been in 'utter ignorance'.

The explorers failed to find the hoped-for mineral wealth they had been sent to prospect for, and returned to Britain. In 1841 Jukes joined the H.M.S. Fly as a naturalist for an upcoming expedition to chart the coasts of Australia and New Guinea. The Fly set sail for the Pacific in 1842, the year in which this two-volume account of Jukes' Newfoundland experiences was published.

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Volume 2 focuses mainly on Jukes' scientific observations, and includes descriptions of the island's natural history, geography and geology.

"Note on the natural history of Newfoundland": v. 2, p.175-194; with running title: Natural history of Newfoundland; "General report of the geological survey of Newfoundland during the years 1839 and 1840": v. 2, p. [195]-210; "Sketch of the geology of Newfoundland": v. 2, p. [245]-341; with running title: Geology of Newfoundland.

This excessively rare folded map by Jukes is the first geological survey of the area and is lacking in most copies located. It is the first comprehensive map of the interior of Newfoundland and is entitled: Map of the island of Newfoundland / the coast lines compiled from the most recent Admiralty Charts, the interior filled up partly from a rough personal survey, and partly from oral information by J.B. Jukes.

Scale [ca. 1:1 000 000] (W 59°45?--W 52°30?/N 52°00?--N 46°30?). London, 9 Castle Street, Holborn : J. & C. Walker, [approximately 1842]. map dimensions 58.0 x 51.1 cm. Map accompanies both: General report of the geological survey of Newfoundland ... during the years 1839 and 1840 / by J.B. Jukes. London : John Murray, 1843; and, Excursion in and about Newfoundland, during the years 1839 and 1840 / by J.B. Jukes. London: John Murray, 1842. Note on map: "NB. Mr. Cormack's Track from Random Sound to St. George's Bay, is taken from a Map given in the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, (No. 19) January 1st, 1824."

2 volumes ; 20 cm. v. 1. x, 322 pages; v. 2. iv, 354 pages.

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Publisher: London : John Murray




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