Eighteen Views Taken at and Near Rangoon [with; Six Coloured Prints Illustrative of the Combined Operations of the British Forces in the Birman Empire]


Date: 1826



First edition, very rare, of this pictorial documentation of the Anglo-Indian capture of Rangoon, as well as presenting the beauty and atmosphere of Burmese scenery, architecture and landscape. The first Anglo-Burmese war of 1824 to 1826 was one of the costliest campaigns ever fought by the Empire. Fifteen thousand British and Indian soldiers, and an unknown, much higher number of Burmese, civilian and soldiers, died, and the finances of the East India Company, to whose directors the work is dedicated, were ruined.

These 24 (18+6) plates are the first large-scale views of Burma, a part of the world pretty unknown to the British. Not much is available about the clearly very talented artist, Lieutenant Joseph Moore, 89th Foot. - The following year appeared a further series of six views, and there were two text booklets as well. Everything is very rarely found together.

First and Second Series in one vol., lithographed pictorial titles (one partly hand-colored), hand-colored pictorial dedication leaf to the directors of the East India Company, subscriber's leaf with large vignette by J. Bromley after T. Stothard, 24 hand-colored lithographed plates (first series G. Hunt after Moore, second series by H. Pyall after Thornton and Marryat), all on India-proof paper, 6 lithographed pages of subscribers (in India and England), half calf ; Notes to Accompany the Rangoon Views [and Second Series], 2 vol. bound in one, original upper covers, contemporary brown half morocco, with gilted text on the board.


Abbey Travel 404; Tooley 334; Bobins 299.

1. Front Cover
10. Scene from the Upper Terrace of the Great Pagoda at Rangoon, to the South East
11. The Storming of the Lesser Stockade at Kemmendine near Rangoon on the 10th of June 1824
12. View of the Lake and part of the Eastern Road from Rangoon, taken from the Advance of the 7th Madras Native Infantry
13. Rangoon. The position of part of the Army previous to attacking the Stockades on the 8th of July 1824
14. Scene upon the Eastern Road from Rangoon looking towards the South
15. Scene upon the Terrace of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon taken near the Great Bell
16. Rangoon. The Storming of one of the principal Stockades on its inside on the 8th of July 1824
17. View of the Great Dagon Pagoda and adjacent Scenery taken on the Eastern Road from Rangoon
18. The Conflagration of Dalla on the Tangoon River
19. The Attack of the Stockades at Pagoda Point, on the Rangoon River by Sir Archibald Campbell, K.C.B. 8th July 1924
2. The Storming of the Fort of Syriam by a combined force of Sailors, and European & Native Troops, on the 5th August 1824
20. The Harbour of Port Cornwallis, Island of Great Andaman, with the Fleet getting under Weigh for Rangoon
21. The attack of the Dalla Stockade by the Combined Forces, on the 4th September 1824
22. The attempt of the Birmans to retake the Stockades of Dalla on the night of the 6th September 1824
23. One of the Birman Gilt War Boats, captured by Capt. Chads, R.N. in his successful expedition against Tanthabeen Stockade
24. [H.M.S. Larne H.C. Compys] Mercury, Heroine, Carron & Lotus; Transports attacking the Stockades at the entrance of Bassein River on the 26th February 1825
25. The Combined Forces under Brig. Cotton, C.B. and Captains Alexander, C.B. & Chads, R.N. passing the Fortress of Donabue to effect a junction with Sir Archibald Campbell, on the 27th March 1825
26. Back Cover
3. View of the landing at Rangoon of part of the Combined Forces from Bengal and Madras, under the Orders of Sir Archibald Campbell, K.C.B. on the 11th May 1824
4. The Principal approach to the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon
5. View of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon and Scenery adjacent to the Westward of the Great Road
6. Scene upon the Terrace of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon looking towards the North
7. The Attack upon the Stockades near Rangoon by Sir Archibald Campbell, K.C.B. on the 28th May 1824
8. The Gold Temple of the principal Idol Guadma, taken from its front being the Eastern face of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon
9. Inside View of the Gold Temple on the Terrace of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon

Publisher: London: [1825-26].





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-06-18

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