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Drawings by Frederic Remington


Date: 1897



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Remington, Frederic. Drawings by Frederic Remington. New York : R.H. Russell. 1897.


Remington, Frederic (1897) Drawings by Frederic Remington. New York : R.H. Russell.


Remington, Frederic, Drawings by Frederic Remington. New York : R.H. Russell. 1897.


Text signed: Owen Wister

3 p. l. : 30 x 47cm

List of Images

1. Front Cover

10. A Citadel of the Plains

11. On the Northwest Coast

12. The Sheep Herder's Breakfast

13. The Gold Bug

14. An Overland Station - Indians Coming in with the Stage

15. The Well in the Desert

16. The Border of the Other Tribe

17. Her Calf

18. A Government Pack Train

19. The Charge

2. Title Page

20. The Pony War Dance

21. The Coming Storm

22. His Death Song

23. Protecting a Wagon Train

24. The Water in Arizona

25. Government Scouts - Moonlight

26. A Crow Scout

27. A Mountain Lion Hunting

28. Coyotes

29. Hostiles Watching the Column

3. Forsythe's Fight on the Republican River - 1868 - The Charge of Roman Nose

30. Satisfying the Demands of Justice - The Head

31. Sketch Book Notes [I]

32. The Punchers

33. Riding Herd in the Rain

34. Mexican Vaqueros Breaking a Broke

35. A Sun Fisher

36. A Running Bucker

37. Riding the Range - Winter

38. Snow Indian or the Northwest Type

39. Nez Perce Indian

4. Coronado's March, Colorado

40. A Cheyenne Warrior

41. A Greaser

42. A Captain of Infantry in Field Rig

43. A Wind Jammer

44. Cavalry Column Out of Forage

45. Half-Breed Horse Thieves of the Northwest

46. A Misdeal

47. Over the Foot-Hills

48. Taking the Robe

49. Cowboy Leading Calf

5. The Missionary and the Medicine Man

50. Cow Pony Pathos

51. The Cavalry Cook with Water

52. A Modern Cavalry Camp

53. Fox Terriers Fighting a Badger

54. High Finance at the Cross-Roads

55. Sketch Book Notes [II]

56. The Indian Soldier

57. The Squaw Pony

58. U.S. Dragoon '47

59. A Scout - 1868

6. Hunting on a Beaver Stream - 1840

60. U.S. Cavalry Officer on Campaign

61. A Reservation Indian

62. Solitude

63. The Twilight of the Indian

64. Back Cover

7. The Hungry Winter

8. Fight Over a Water Hole

9. When His Heart is Bad

Publication Information

Publisher: New York : R.H. Russell




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ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-03

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