One of the most remarkable works of them all, artist Joseph Nash depicts the 1851 World Fair also known as the Great Exhibition in beautiful color and detail. The event was held in Hyde Park in London at the remarkable construction known as the Crystal Palace, which came to epitomize innovative English architecture of the mid nineteenth century. This event is always closely associated with Prince Albert, the Prince Consort of England at the time.

The Great Exhibition was extremely important for London, and was to be a major turning point in British global influence. However, many other nations and cultures are depicted here including the young United States as well as Russia, India, the West Indies, France, and many other nations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. This was the first international exhibition of manufactured goods and products, and was enormously influential in the development of many aspects of society, including art and design education, international trade and relations, and even tourism.

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Originally issued in parts; although the t.p. is dated 1854, the original printed paper cover accompanying each part is dated 1852. Proof copy.

Statement of responsibility: from the originals painted for H.R.H. Prince Albert, by Messrs. Nash, Haghe and Roberts, R.A. ; published under the express sanction of His Royal Highness Prince Albert, president of the Royal Commission, to whom the work is, by permission, dedicated

55 chromolithographed plates. Each plate has been signed by the artist in pencil along the bottom margin; the word "proof" is also engraved in the margin.


Abbey Scenery 251 (smaller format work); OCLC 54269186 (one copy); Bobins 881.

Smithsonian Libraries: Cooper Hewitt T690.C1D55 1852 c. 2 CHMRB ; 8/1997 through 2/1998 William E. Baxter Cooper Hewitt Stephen Van Dyk

1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Volume 7

Publisher: Dickinson, Brothers, Her Majesty's Publishers




Smithsonian Libraries

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