[Volume 2 - Asie] Costumes civils actuels de tous les peuples connus


Date: 1788



Volume 1 - Europe; Volume 2 - Asie; Volume 3 - Afrique; Volume 4 - Amerique

Originally published in Paris, 1784, and here reissued with new title pages dated 1788. Each volume also contains an illustrated, colored, engraved title page dated 1787; each engraved title refers to a specific continent. Probably issued in parts or fascicles; each part with separate paging or unpaged, accompanied by one to four colored plates; each part also has its own register.

Authorship attributed to Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur by BN and Cioranescu. Distributed throughout the four volumes are descriptions and hand-colored illustrations of costumes of the peoples of the world. Of note is costumes of people of America, from Greenland to Patagonia.

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Running head appears on most verso pages: Moeurs et coutumes. Complete collation of this work is given by Bibliographie generale du costume et de la mode / by Rene Colas, Paris, 1933. Includes indexes at end of vol. 4.

Includes some selections of Indian language vocabularies: v. 1, "Moeurs et coutumes des Indiens, habitant les deserts du Chili" gives a small glossary of words in an undetermined language on p. 6; v. 1, "Notice historique sur les habitans de la Baye Chacktoole, a l'entree de Norton" gives a small glossary of words in an Eskimo language on p. 3-4; v. 3, "Notice sur les Mexicains" gives a small glossary of words in the Nahuatl language on p. 12; v. 3, "Moeurs et coutumes des habitans de Nootka" gives a small glossary of words in the Nootka language on p. 13-14; v. 3, "Moeurs et coutumes des Oonalashkains" gives a small glossary of words in an Eskimo language on p. 8; v. 3, "Moeurs et coutumes des Indiens de Quito, province du Perou" gives a small glossary of words in the Quechua language on p. 13-14

John Carter Brown Library copy vol. 1 also contains two additional printed title pages dated 1784; the imprint of the second matches that given by Colas, Bibliographie generale, 1290; the imprint of the first 1784 title page is different


Querard; Cioranescu, A. 18. s; Colas, R. Costume et de la mode

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Publisher: A Paris : chez Pavard, editeur, eue St. Jacques, no 240. Et se trouve chez Knapen et fils, imprimeurs-libraires, au bas du Pont St. Michel. Bailly, libraire, rue St. Honore, Barriere des Sergens. Gastey, libraire, au Palais-Royal, et chez tous les libraires de l'Europe




John Carter Brown Library

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