Colorado, the queen jewel of the Rockies; a description of its climate and of its mountains, rivers, forests and valleys; an account of its explorers; a review of its Indians--past and present; a survey of its industries, with some reference to what it offers of delight to the automobilist, traveller, sportsman and health seeker; together with a brief resume of its influence upon writers and artists, and a short account of its problems and how met, and of its inexhaustible resources and their development. By Mae Lacy Baggs. With a map and fifty-four plates, of which six are in color.


Date: 1918



"First impression, January, 1918." Illustrated lining-papers.

xiv, 389 p. col. front., plates (part col.) ports., fold. map 4 1/2 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. Ouray, a famous chief of the Ute Indians
11. Stonewall Gap, Troop Road to Old Fort Garland
12. Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike
13. The Arkansas River, from the top of the Royal Gorge
14. The Royal Gorge
15. Buffalo on the Trinchera Estate, San Luis Valley
16. A Trapper in Costume
17. Idaho Springs
18. Breckenridge, on the Blue River
19. View from Bull's Hill of Cripple Creek, the richest Gulch in the world
2. Spine
20. The Smuggler-Union, Liberty Bell and Tom-Boy Mills, near Telluride
21. Hangman's Tree, Denver
22. Uncompahgre Peak (14,306 feet)
23. Alfalfa from Dry Farming
24. On the Range
25. On the Pike's Peak Automobile Highway
26. Ute Pass
27. General William J. Palmer
28. The Public Library, Denver
29. Judge Ben Lindsey, a well-known city administrator, Denver
3. Title Page
30. The Crest of the Continental Divide at Corona
31. Longmont
32. The Platte Canyon
33. A Sugar-Beet Field
34. Mount Massive in Winter
35. Cross Section of a typical Mine
36. River Portal, Gunnison Tunnel
37. Curecanti Needle, Black Canyon of the Gunnison
38. On the Trail of a Trout
39. The Rio Grande, with Mt. Blanca, of the Sangre de Cristo Range, in the Background
4. The Narrows, Williams Canyon
40. "Pigs, Peas and Alfalfa"
41. Ouray, "Gem of the Rockies"
42. Durango Lambs
43. The Sky Line Drive, Canyon City
44. Bridge over the Arkansas at La Junta
45. Eagle River Canyon
46. Grand Valley Farms
47. Blossom Time in Grand Valley
48. Hallett's Glacier
49. Bierstadt Lake and Hallett Mountain
5. Map of Colorado
50. The Cliff Palace
51. Court Group, Colorado National Monument
52. On the Rainbow Route, near Salida
53. On the Wolf Creek Pass Road
54. Helen Hunt Jackson
55. Robert Ames Bennet
56. Touring in the Uncompahgre Forests
57. A Road through the quaking Aspens
58. The Indian Pink
59. Back Cover
6. The Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canyon
7. A Wheat Field, near the Foot Hills
8. "The cataclysmal work of the Master Fates"
9. "Glaciated snows . . . imprisoned by some vendetta-spirited Mountain"

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





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