Burma, Painted and Described


Date: 1905



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1. Front Cover
10. The River at Prome - Morning Mists rising
11. The Irrawaddy Valley at Meegyoungyai
12. Scrub Jungle
13. A Village Shop
14. First Steps
15. Market-Place at Taungdwingyi
16. A Burmese Hamlet
17. A Street in Taungdwingyi
18. A Dak Bungalow
19. Dawn in the Forest
2. Title Page
20. On the Kyouk-mee-Choung
21. Elephants clearing a "Pone" of Logs at Kokogon
22. A Forest Glade
23. Loading Teak at Kokogon
24. A Forest Tai
25. Jungle at Delanchoon
26. The Village of Min-byin
27. Entrance to the Village of Kyet-thoung-doung
28. In Forest Depths
29. On the Bassein Creek
3. Shrine on the Platform of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda
30. Upstream with the Wind
31. On the Lower Irrawaddy
32. Net Fishing on the Irrawaddy
33. Drifting
34. Waiting for the Steamer - Early Morning
35. The Landing-Place at Nyaung-u
36. The River at Pakokku
37. Express Steamer passing Sagaing
38. Ava
39. In the Second Defile of the Irrawaddy
4. Ascent to the Shwe Dagon
40. The Irrawaddy Banks near Myin-gyan
41. A Chinese Pawn-Shop-Mandalay
42. The Moat at Mandalay
43. "The Centre of the Universe" - Mandalay
44. A Portico of the Palace - Mandalay
45. The Kuthodau - Mandalay
46. A Zeyat - Mandalay
47. "En Promenade"
48. The Road to Mandalay
49. Old Pagan
5. The Pagoda Steps, Rangoon
50. The Ananda Temple - Pagan
51. Platform of the Shwe Zigon Pagoda - Pagan
52. A Buddha-near Pagan
53. In Nyaung-u
54. Street in Nyaung-u
55. Landing-Ghaut at Prome - Low River
56. At the Well
57. Prayer on the Pagoda Platform - Prome
58. Evening at Thayetmyo
59. Bhamo from the Fort
6. Entrance to Bazaar at the Shwe Dagon
60. In the Bazaar - Bhamo
61. The Goekteik Gorge
62. The Bottom of Goekteik Gorge
63. Jungle on the Lashio Line
64. The Home of the Peacock
65. Fall on the Myit-nge River
66. The Man-pwe Falls from the Railway Company's Bungalow
67. Ferry on the Nan-tu River
68. Mining Camp at "The Rapids"
69. A Jungle Stream
7. The Shwe Dagon from Dalhousie Park
70. On the Sterne River
71. A Mountain Torrent
72. Rafting down the Nan-tu River
73. Beauty and the Beast
74. "Pya-shikoh" (from a Burmese Painting)
75. "Domestic Felicity" (from a Burmese Painting)
76. Entrance to the Kuthodau-Mandalay
77. Portico of the Queen's Golden Monastery-Mandalay
78. Map of Burma
79. Back Cover
8. The Shwe Dagon from the Bahan Tank
9. Ma-Hla-Byu (Miss Pretty and Fair)

Publisher: London : Adam and Charles Black




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