Buried Herculaneum


Date: 1908



No description available.

1. Front Cover
10. Plan IV. The Theatre
11. Part of the Stage of the Theatre
12. The Theatre restored
13. Plan V. The Basilica and Temples
14. The Basilica restored
15. Plan VI. The Temple of the Mother of the Gods
16. Plan VII. The House of the Papyri
17. The House of the Papyri restored
18. The Bronze Horse
19. The Emperor Claudius (marble)
2. Title Page
20. Claudius Nero Drusus
21. Marcus Nonius Balbus the elder (equestrian: marble)
22. Plan VIII. The Open Excavations
23. Marcus Nonius Balbus the elder (marble)
24. Vicira Mother of Balbus the younger (marble)
25. Lucius Mammius Maximus
26. Plan IX. The Columbarium
27. Archaistic Pallas (marble)
28. Archaic Apollo
29. The Actresses or Dancers [I]
3. Apollo (bronze)
30. The Actresses or Dancers [II]
31. Athene Gorgolopha (marble)
32. Head of an Amazon
33. Dionysus or Plato (? Poseidon)
34. Head of the Doryphorus
35. Ideal Head (marble)
36. Ideal Head
37. Head of a Youth
38. Mercury in repose
39. The Wrestler
4. Plan I. The Campanian coast
40. The Wrestler (companion to the last)
41. The Sleeping Faun
42. The Drunken Faun
43. Homer (marble)
44. Ptolemy Alexander (? Alexander the Great)
45. Ptolemy Philadelphus
46. Ptolemy Soter I. (? Seleucus Nicator I.)
47. Head with the wreathed helmet (? Pyrrhus of Epirus : marble)
48. Archimedes (? Archidamus III. : marble)
49. Attilius Regulus (? Philetairus of Pergamum : marble)
5. Open Excavations at Resina
50. Pseudo-Seneca (? Philetas of Cos)
51. (?) Berenice
52. Heraclitus
53. Ptolemy Lathyrus
54. Ptolemy Soter II. (marble)
55. Sappho
56. Berenice
57. Warrior in a helmet (marble)
58. Bust with a chlamys
59. Scipio Africanus
6. Plan II. The City
60. Head of a Vestal (woman unknown : marble)
61. Hannibal or "Juba" (marble)
62. Head with a headdress
63. Theseus victorious over the Minotaur
64. Telephus suckled by the hind
65. Chiron teaching Achilles the lyre
66. Perseus slaying Medusa
67. A Charioteer (monochrome)
68. The Papyri (partly from frescoes)
69. Alexander on Horseback
7. The House of Argus
70. Putti
71. Pig
72. Silenus
73. A Gazelle
74. A Water-pot (silver)
75. A Water-pot (silver) and Braziers for incense
76. Back Cover
8. Section of the House of Argus
9. Plan III. The Theatre embedded in lava

Publisher: London : Adam and Charles Black




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-22

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