British Highways And Byways From A Motor Car: Being A Record Of A Five Thousand Mile Tour In England, Wales And Scotland


Date: 1908



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1. Front Cover
10. Sunset on the Moor
11. Ruins of Uriconium, near Shrewsbury
12. Stokesay Manor House, near Ludlow
13. The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow
14. Ludlow Castle, the Keep and Entrance
15. A Cottage in Holdenhurst, Hampshire
16. A Glade in New Forest
17. Rocks Off Cornwall
18. Near Land's End
19. On Dartmoor
2. Title Page
20. St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey
21. In Gloucestershire
22. Distant View of Ross, South Welsh Border
23. Ruins of Raglan Castle, South Wales
24. Entrance to Loch Tyne
25. The Path By the Loch
26. Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe
27. In the Scottish Highlands
28. Towers of Elgin Cathedral, North Scotland
29. Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, near Aberdeen
3. Old Half-timbereid Houses in Ledbury
30. Town House, Dunbar, Scotland
31. Bamborough Castle, Northumberland
32. Old Cottage at Cockington
33. Somersby Rectory, Birthplace of Tennyson
34. Somersby Church
35. St. Botolph's Church from the River, Boston
36. A Typical Byway
37. John Wyclif's Church, Lutterworth
38. Byron's Elm in Churchyard, Harrow
39. Milton's Room in Cottage at Chalfont St. Giles
4. Old Cottage at Norton, near Evesham
40. Distant View of Magdalen Tower, Oxford
41. Ringwood Church
42. A Surrey Landscape
43. Windmill near Arundel, Sussex
44. Arundel Castle
45. Pevensey Castle, Where the Normans Landed
46. Winchelsea Church and Elm Tree
47. Entrance Front Bodiam Castle, Sussex
48. Penshurst Place, Home of the Sidneys
49. A Bit of Old England
5. Harvesting in Hertfordshire
50. The Caledonian Coast
51. Map of England and Wales
52. Map of Scotland
6. Hadley Church, Monken Hadley
7. Dickens' Home, Gad's Hill, near Rochester
8. Cathedral, Canterbury
9. The Three Spires of Lichfield

Publisher: Boston, L. C. Page & Company




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