Aves Hawaiienses : the Birds of the Sandwich Islands


Date: 1890



Published in 8 parts, beginning December, 1890, concluding July, 1899. The table of contents (p. iiia-iiic) includes the date of publication for each article.

Pages 1-250 are not numbered consecutively, each article having separate paging, although the index is numbered [251]-257. The table of contents and the index both make reference to the text as if consecutively paged.

The bird plates are drawn, lithographed and hand-colored by F.W. Frohawk

"Remarks on the structure of certain Hawaiian birds / by Hans Gadow" : p. [219]-[241]


Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Lib., p. 686-687

1. Front Cover
10. Palmeria dolii
11. Himatione sanguinea
12. Nests of Himatione sanguinea and H. virens
13. Eggs of Himatione sp., and Chasiempis, sp.
14. Ciridops anna
15. Himatione stejnegeri
16. Himatione chloris
17. Himatione virens
18. Himatione wilsoni
19. Himatione parva
2. Title Page
20. Viridonia sagittirostris
21. Oreomyza bairdi
22. Loxops coccinea and L. flammea
23. Himatione newtoni
24. Himatione maculata
25. Himatione montana
26. Himatione mana
27. Loxops aurea and L. Rufa [I]
28. Loxops aurea and L. Rufa [II]
29. Chrysomitridops caeruleirostris
3. Map of the Hawaiian Islands
30. Hemignathus procerus
31. Hemignathus lichtensteini
32. Hemignathus obscurus
33. Hemignathus lucidus
34. Hemignathus olivaceus
35. Hemignathus affinis
36. Hemignathus hanapepe
37. Pseduonestor xanthophrys
38. Psittacirostra psittacea
39. Loxioides bailleui
4. Corvus tropicus
40. Rhodacanthis palmeri
41. Chloridops kona
42. Acrulocercus braccatus
43. Acrulocercus apicalis
44. Acrulocercus nobilis
45. Acrulocercus bishopi
46. Chaetoptila angustipluma
47. Phaeornis myiadestina and P. lanaiensis
48. Phaeornis obscura
49. Phaeornis palmeri
5. Drepanis pacifica
50. Chasiempis sandvicensis
51. Nest of Chasiempis sandvicensis
52. Chasiempis gayi
53. Chasiempis sclateri
54. Anous hawaiiensis
55. Numenius tahitiensis
56. Totanus incanus
57. Himantopus knudseni
58. Fulica alai
59. Gallnula sandvicensis
6. Drepanis funerea
60. Pennula ecaudata
61. Pennula sandvicensis
62. Pennula wilsoni
63. Buteo solitarius [I]
64. Buteo solitarius [II]
65. Buteo solitarius [III]
66. Bernicula sandvicensis
67. Anas wyvilliana
68. Oceanodroma cryptoleucura
69. Oestrelata phaeopygia
7. Vestiaria coccinea [I]
70. Puffinus cuneatus
71. Anatomical Structure of Certain Hawaiian Birds [I]
72. Anatomical Structure of Certain Hawaiian Birds [II]
73. Anatomical Structure of Certain Hawaiian Birds [III]
74. Back Cover
8. Vestiaria coccinea [II]
9. Nest of Vestiaria coccinea

Publisher: London : R.H. Porter



ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-05-26

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Map Name
Aves Hawaiienses : the Birds of the Sandwich Islands - Map of the Hawaiian Islands (1890)

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