[Atlas Maior - Volume 1] Geographia, Quae Est Cosmographiae Blauianae Pars Prima: Qua Orbis Terrae Tabulis Ante Oculos Ponitur, et Descriptionibus Illustratur


Date: 1665



First of 11-volume Latin edition. Covers Arctic, Norway and Denmark. The first complete edition of Blaeu's atlas, in 11 v. appeared in 1662. A second edition of the first volume appeared in 1665, all other volume of the set being dated 1662. Subsequently published in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Dedicated to Emperor Leopold I of Austria.

Maps have text on verso. 47 maps and 5 plans.

Hand-colored engraved title page; printer's device of mapmaker and printer, William Blaeu (1571-1638), features an armillary sphere, flanked by Father Time and Hercules, with the Latin motto, Indefenssus Agenda (Indefatigable Agenda) on letterpress title page.

Head-and tail-pieces; initials; text printed in two columns; printed marginalia.

Includes Index.

1 atlas : illustrations (some color), color maps and plans (some folded) ; 54 cm (fol.)


European Americana, entry 662/13

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Publisher: Amstelaedami, : Labore & sumptibus Ioannis Blaeu, MDCLXV. [1665]




University of Virginia


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