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Arizona, the wonderland : the history of its ancient cliff and cave dwellings, ruined pueblos, conquest by the Spaniards, Jesuit and Franciscan Missions, trail makers and indians; a survey of its climate, scenic marvels, topography, deserts, mountains, rivers and valleys; a review of its industries; an account of its influence on art, literature and science; and some reference to what it offers of delight to the automobilist, sportsman, pleasure and health seeker / by George Wharton James. With a map and sixty plates, of which twelve are in colour.


Date: 1917



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Arizona, The Wonderland. Boston : The Page Company. 1917.


(1917) Arizona, The Wonderland. Boston : The Page Company.


Arizona, The Wonderland. Boston : The Page Company. 1917.


Each colored plate accompanied by guard sheet with descriptive letterpress.

xxiv, 478 p. : ill., map(part. col.) ; 25 cm.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

10. Bubbling Spring Branch of Sagie Canyon, on the Navaho Reservation, Arizona

11. Montezuma Castle, a Prehistoric Cliff Ruin in the Verde Valley, Arizona

12. Cliff-Dwellings near Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

13. The Storming, by the Apaches, of the Mission of Tumacacori, between Nogales and Tucson, Arizona

14. An Aged Havasupai Indian

15. Navaho Blanket and Belt Weavers, Arizona

16. Part of the Collection of Apache Baskets Owned by Mrs. Charles A. Shrader, Tucson, Arizona

17. Hopi Indian with Load of Corn Fodder

18. The Grand Canyon of Arizona

19. The Petrified Bridge in the Petrified Forest of Arizona

2. Title Page

20. Pine Forest and Mountain Road, near Prescott, Arizona

21. In the Coconino National Forest, Arizona

22. A Lake on a Forest Reserve in Arizona

23. On the Borderland Highway, between Nogales and Tucson, Arizona

24. An Apache Maiden Water-Carrier at Palomas, Arizona

25. A Tree and Canal Lined Street at Chandler, Arizona

26. Flowers of the Prickly Pear, One of the Desert Cacti of Arizona

27. A Typical Mining Scene, Yavapai County, Arizona

28. Santa Cruz River Bridge, near Nogales, Arizona

29. Cholla, Yucca, and Prickly Pear, found Growing on the Arid Lands of Arizona

3. The Prayer at Dawn on the Morning of the Hopi Snake Dance, Arizona

30. Untitled

31. Untitled

32. A Portion of the Campus, University of Arizona, Tuscan

33. Woman's Club House, Tucson, Arizona

34. Woman's Club House, Phoenix, Arizona

35. Looking Up Salt River Canyon towards the Roosevelt Dam

36. A Pueblo Indian Medicine Man Singing the "Chants of the Old" to the Beat of the Sacred Tombe

37. A Pueblo Indian Potter

38. San Francisco Peaks at Sunset, from near Flagstaff, Arizona

39. A Home in Tucson, Arizona

4. Map of Arizona

40. The Orndorff, the Oldest Hotel in Tucson, Arizona

41. San Xavier del Bac Mission, near Tucson, Arizona

42. The Tucson Sanitarium, Santa Catalina Mountains in the Distance

43. Electric Pumping Station, near Tucson, Arizona

44. A Field of Milo Maize, on the Tucson Farms, Arizona

45. The Photo-Chemical House at the Desert Laboratory, near Tucson, Arizona

46. Bridge over the Salt River, Tempe, Arizona

47. Over the Apache Trail in the Olden Days

48. At the Foot of the Fish Creek Grade, on the Apache Trail

49. Scene of the "Fight of the Apache Cave"

5. Indians Carrying Deadly Living Rattlesnakes Between Their Teeth During the Hopi Snake Dance, Arizona

50. "Bucky" O'Neil Monument, in the Plaza, Prescott, Arizona

51. Various Inscriptions and Picture Writings Made by the Prehistoric Indians of Arizona

52. Lake Mary, near Flagstaff, Arizona

53. Bird's-Eye View of Natural Bridge, Verde Valley, Arizona

54. Mooney Falls, in Havasu (Cataract) Canyon

55. Coleman Lake, near Williams, Arizona

56. Camping Under the Pines at Coleman Lake, near Williams, Arizona

57. A Group of Homes, Douglas, Arizona

58. High School, Douglas, Arizona

59. Ruins of "Wolfville," Arizona

6. The Sun-Kissed Mountains of Arizona

60. The Three Treaty Rocks at West Entrance to Cochise's Stronghold, Arizona

61. A Portion of Cochise's Stronghold, near Tombstone, Arizona

62. The Roosevelt Dam and Reservoir, Arizona

63. Camel Back Mountain

64. Ingleside Club House, near Phoenix, Arizona

65. One of the New Tree-Lined Roads in the Salt River Valley

66. The Patio and Pergola, San Marcos Hotel, Chandler, Arizona

67. On the San Marcos Golf Links, Chandler, Arizona

68. The Dividing Line Between Mexico and the United States at Nogales

69. Nogales, Showing the Street that Divides the American from the Mexican Portion of the City

7. Pasturing Sheep in the Salt River Valley, near Phoenix, Arizona

70. General View of Nogales, Arizona

71. Back Cover

8. The Ruins of Casa Grande in the Gila River Valley, Arizona, Prior to their Preservation by the U.S. Government

9. The Interior of Mission San Xavier del Bac, near Tuscan, Arizona

Publication Information

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





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Date Added: 2020-06-28

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