An authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China : including cursory observations made, and information obtained in travelling through that ancient empire, and a small part of Chinese Tartary ; together with a relation of the voyage undertaken on the occasion of His Majesty's ship the Lion, and the ship Hindostan, in the East India company's service, to the Yellow Sea and Gulf of Pekin, as well as of their return to Europe ; taken chiefly from the papers of His Excellency the Earl of Macartney, Sir Erasmus Gower, and of other gentlemen in the several departments of the embassy [Volume 3: Plates]


Date: 1797



Binding: all vols. in tree calf tooled in gilt. Vols. 1-2 (text) have spine title "Macartney's / embassy / to China" on red labels, vol. nos. on red overlay on green labels; edges sprinkled blue. Vol. 3 (plates) has title "Macartney / embassy / plates" on black spine label; edges yellow; guard tissues; purple ribbon place marker. Vols. 1-2 have armorial bookplates of Sr. James Colquhoun of Luss Bart., v. 3 has that of James Beveridge Duncan of Damside.

Engraved frontispiece port. of Qianlong, v. 1, after William Alexander, the expedition's draughtsman. Frontispiece of Earl Macartney, v. 2, after painting by T. Hickey. Engraved illustrative tail-pieces. Plates mostly after Alexander by various engravers. Maps by B. Baker after John Barrow's drawings.

Vol. 2 has separate added title page, plate vol. does not.

1. Front Cover
10. A sketch of a journey from Zhe-hol in Tartary
11. A sketch of a journey from Hang-choo-foo
12. A plan of the city and harbour of Macao
13. A leaf of the cactus opuntia, or prickly pear
14. The fire-backed pheasant of Java
15. View of a village on the borders of Turon bay, in Cochinchina
16. View in Turon bay
17. A mandarine, or magistrate of Turon, attended by his pipebearer
18. A Chinese military post
19. Chinese military drawn out in compliment to the Embassador
2. A general chart, on Mercator's projection, of the track of the ships
20. Instruments of war used by the Chinese
21. View of one of the western gates of the city of Pekin
22. Plan of the Palace of Yuen-men-yuen
23. View of the Front of the Hall of Audience at the Palace of Yuen-Men-Yuen
24. Plans, sections, and elevations of the great wall of China
25. A view of part of the great wall of China
26. The approach of the Emperor of China to his tent in Tartary
27. Plan, section, and elevation of Poo-ta-la
28. A view of Poo-ta-la, or great temple
29. Punishment of the Tcha
3. A view of the eastern side of the island of Amsterdam
30. A view in the gardens of the imperial palace of Pekin
31. A dramatic scene on the Chinese stage
32. View of a Pai-too
33. A Quan, or Mandarine, bearing a letter from the Emperor of China
34. A view near the city of Lin-tsin
35. Plan and section of a sluice, or floodgate, on the grand canal
36. Chinese barges of the Embassy passing through a sluice, or floodgate on the grand canal
37. View across the lake Pao-yng
38. The Pelicanus Sinensis, or fishing corvorant of China
39. View of the suburbs of a Chinese city
4. A chart of part of the coast of Cochin-china
40. A view of the Chin-san, or golden island
41. Chinese barges of the Embassy preparing to pass under a bridge
42. View of the Lake See-hoo, and tower of the thundering winds
43. Economy of time and labour, exemplified in a Chinese waterman
44. The rock of Quang-yin
45. The Scoop-wheel of China, for lifting water
46. Back Cover
5. A chart on Mercator's projection, containing the track and soundings
6. A chart of several clusters of islands lying on the eastern coast of China
7. A sketch by compass of the coast of the promontory of Shan-tung
8. Views of the land which forms the eastern extremity of the promontory of Shan-tung
9. A sketch of the Pei-ho, or White river

Publisher: London : G. Nicol





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-07

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