An account of the countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, in the north-west part of America: : containing a description of their lakes and rivers, the nature of the soil and climates, and their methods of commerce, &c. shewing the benefit to be made by settling colonies, and opening a trade in these parts; whereby the French will be deprived in a great measure of their traffick in furs, and the communication between Canada and Mississippi be cut off. With an abstract of Captain Middleton's journal, and observations upon his behaviour during his voyage, and since his return ... The whole intended to shew the great probability of a north-west passage, so long desired; and which (if discovered) would be of the highest advantage to these kingdoms.


Date: 1744



[Rest of the title] To which are added:

I. A letter from Bartholomew de Fonte, vice-admiral of Peru and Mexico, giving an account of his voyage from Lima in Peru, to prevent, or seize upon any ships that should attempt to find a north-west passage to the South sea.

II. An abstract of all the discoveries which have been publish'd of the islands and countries in and adjoining to the great western ocean between America, India, and China, &c. pointing out the advantages that may be made, if a short passage should be found thro' Hudson's Streight to that ocean.

III. The Hudson's Bay Company's charter.

IV. The standard of trade in those parts of America; with an account of the exports and profits made annually by the Hudson's bay company.

V. Vocabularies of the languages of several Indian nations adjoining to Hudson's bay

"Vocabulary of English and Eskima words": p. 203-205. "A short vocabulary of the language spoke among the Northern Indians inhabiting the north-west part of Hudson's Bay, as it was taken at different times from the mouths of Nabiana and Zazana, two Indians, who were on board His Majesty's ship the Furnace, in the year 1742, by Edward Thompson, surgeon of the said ship": p. 206-211


Hanson; Kress Lib; Goldsmiths' Lib. cat; Alden, J.E. European Americana; Brown, J.C. Cat., 1493-1800.

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Publisher: London : Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden Lion in Ludgate-Street




John Carter Brown Library

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Date Added: 2019-05-27

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