Alaska, our beautiful northland of opportunity by Agnes Rush Burr, with a map and fifty-four plates of which six are in color.


Date: 1919



Illustrated lining-papers.

xii, 428 p. col. front., plates (part col.) fold. map. 25 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. Wrangell Narrows
11. Juneau
12. Icebergs in Taku Inlet
13. Skagway and Lynn Canal
14. The Steel Cantilever Bridge on the White Pass Route
15. Lake Atlin
16. Llewellyn Glacier
17. White Horse Rapids
18. The Yukon Dogs
19. Main Street, Dawson
2. Title Page
20. A Bird's-eye View of Dawson
21. A Pack Train of Early Days
22. A Street Scene in Dawson in the Early Days
23. A New Camp after a Gold Discovery
24. "Wooding Up"
25. The Midnight Sun
26. Fairbanks
27. "Occasionally a Little Lake Appears"
28. Childs Glacier
29. Columbia Glacier
3. Lover's Lane, Indian Park, Sitka
30. Dutch Harbor
31. A Typical Yukon Settlement
32. A Street Scene, Nome
33. Mining on Tundra, near Nome
34. A Street Scene, Sitka
35. "Madonna and Child," in the Greek Church, Sitka
36. The Scenic Beauty the Early Explorers Discovered
37. Resurrection Bay
38. Wild Flowers
39. Spruce Trees, Sitka
4. Map of Alaska
40. A Herd of Caribou
41. A Kodiak Bear
42. Panning for Gold
43. Hydraulicking
44. Copper at Cordova, Ready to be Shipped
45. A Marble Quarry
46. An Acre of Herring
47. A Day's Catch of Walrus
48. Seals on Pribilof Islands
49. A Fox Farm
5. A View of the Inside Passage
50. Field of Grain on the Government Experimental Farm at Fairbanks
51. "Mush on, You Huskies"
52. Building the Government Railroad
53. A Bird's-eye View of Seward
54. Mt. McKinley
55. A Native Alaskan Indian
56. An Alaskan Sunset
57. The Meeting of the Old and the New
58. Back Cover
6. Victoria, from the House of Parliament
7. Indians in Their Potlatch Costumes
8. Ketchikan
9. Wrangell

Publisher: Boston : The Page Company





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Date Added: 2020-06-28

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