A wanderer in London / by E. V. Lucas ; with sixteen illustrations in colour by Nelson Dawson and thirty-six other illustrations.


Date: 1906



x, 309 p., [52] leaves of plates : 20 cm

1. Title Page
10. Lady Reading a Letter. Gerard Terburg (Wallace Collection)
11. The Laughing Cavalier. Frans Hals (Wallace Collection)
12. St. James's Street and St. James's Palace
13. Virgin and Child. Andrea del Sarto (Wallace Collection)
14. The Shrimp Girl. William Hogarth (National Gallery)
15. Interior of a Dutch House. Peter de Hooch (National Gallery)
16. A Tailor. Gianbattista Moroni (National Gallery)
17. Portrait of a Young Sculptor. Andrea del Sarto (National Gallery)
18. Trafalgar Square
19. The Nativity. Piero della Francesca (National Gallery)
2. The Tower and the Tower Bridge
20. The Entombment. Kogier Van der Weyden (National Gallery)
21. Virgin and Child. Giovanni Bellini (National Gallery)
22. Household Heath. Old Crome (National Gallery)
23. Portrait of Two Gentlemen. Sir Joshua Keynolds (National Gallery)
24. Mother and Child. Romney (National Gallery).
25. The City from Waterloo Bridge
26. Chichester Canal. J. M. "W. Turner (National Gallery)
27. St. Mary-le-Strand
28. In the Temple Gardens, Fountain Court
29. Admiral Pulido Pareja. Velasquez (National Gallery). From a Photograph by W. A. Mansell & Co.
3. The Citie of London, A.D. 1560
30. St. Paul's from the River
31. St. Helena. Paul Veronese (National Gallery) .
32. The Charterhouse
33. The Death of Procris. Piero di Cosimo (National Gallery). From a Photograph by "W. A. Mansell & Co.
34. St. Dunstan's-in-the-East
35. Virgin and Child. Titian (National Gallery)
36. The Avenue at Middelharnis. Meindert Hobbema (National Gallery)
37. The Monument
38. Cornelius van der Geest. Antony Van Dyck (National Gallery)
39. Virgin and Child. Filippino Lippi (National Gallery). From a Photograph by W. A. Mansell & Co.
4. Dutch Lady. Frans Van Mierevelt (Wallace Collection)
40. Mercury Instructing Cupid. Correggio (National Gallery)
41. Staple Inn
42. Virgin and Child. Botticelli (National Gallery)
43. Tryptich. Perugino (National Gallery)
44. The Demeter of Cnidos. (British Museum) From a Photograph by "W. A. Mansell & Co."
45. Jean and Jeanne Arnolfini. Jan van Eyck (National Gallery)
46. Christ Washing Peter's Feet. Ford Madox Brown (Tate Gallery)
47. Kensington Palace from the Gardens
48. Hampstead Heath. John Constable (South Kensington)
49. Mrs. Collmann. Alfred Stevens (Tate Gallery)
5. The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant. Rembrandt (Wallace Collection)
50. Cannon Street Station from the River
51. The Minotaur. G. F. "Watts (Tate Gallery) From a Photograph by F. Hollyer.
52. Westminster Abbey
53. The Victoria Tower, House of Lords
54. Holt Family. Leonardo da Vinci (Diploma Gallery). From a Photograph by F. Hollyer.
6. Piccadilly looking West
7. The Lady with a Fan. Velasquez (Wallace Collection)
8. San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Francesca Guardi (Wallace Collection)
9. Suzanne van Collen and her Daughter. Rembrandt (Wallace Collection)

Publisher: London : Methuen & Co.




ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-29

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