A Wanderer in Florence, by E. V. Lucas ... with sixteen illustrations in colour by Harry Morley and thirty-eight reproductions from paintings and sculpture.


Date: 1912



Maps on lining-papers.

xiv p., 1 l., 390 p. col. front., plates (partly col.) 20 cm.

1. Front Cover
10. The Via Calzaioli, from the Baptistery, Showing the Bigallo and the Top of Or San Michele
11. Christ and S. Thomas. Verrocchio, in a niche by Donatello and Michelozzo in the wall of Or San Michele
12. Putto with Dolphin. Verrocchio, in the Palazzo Vecchio
13. Madonna Adoring. Ascribed to Filippino Lippi, in the Uffizi
14. The Palazzo Vecchio
15. The Adoration of the Magi. Leonardo da Vinci, in the Uffizi
16. Madonna and Child. Luca Signorelli, in the Uffizi
17. The Loggia of the Palazzo Vecchio and the Via de' Leoni
18. The Birth of Venus. Botticelli, in the Uffizi
19. The Annunciation. Botticelli, in the Uffizi
2. Title Page
20. The Loggia de' Lanzi, the Duomo, and the Palazzo Vecchio, from the Portico of the Uffizi
21. San Giacomo. Andrea del Sarto, in the Uffizi
22. The Madonna del Cardellino. Raphael, in the Uffizi
23. The Madonna del Pozzo. Franciabigio, in the Uffizi
24. Fiesole, from the Hill under the Monastery
25. Monument to Count Ugo. Mino da Fiesole, in the Badia
26. David by Donatello, in the Bargello
27. Untitled
28. St. George. Donatello, in the Bargello
29. The Badia and the Bargello, from the Piazza S. Firenze
3. The Duomo and Campanile, From the Via Pecori
30. Madonna and Child. Verrocchio, in the Bargello
31. Madonna and Child. Luca della Robbia, in the Bargello
32. Bust of a Boy. Luca or Andrea della Robbia, in the Bargello
33. Interior of S. Croce
34. Monument to Carlo Marzuppini. Desiderio da Settignano, in S. Croce
35. David. Michelangelo, in the Accademia
36. The Ponte S. Trinità
37. The Flight into Egypt. Fra Angelico, in the Accademia
38. The Adoration of the Shepherds. By Ghirlandaio, in the Accademia
39. The Ponte Vecchio and Back of the Via de' Bardi
4. A Cantoria. Donatello, in the Museum of the Cathedral
40. The Vision of S. Bernard. Fra Bartolommeo, in the Accademia
41. Virgin and Child Enthroned, with Saints. Botticelli, in the Accademia
42. S. Maria Novella and the Corner of the Loggia di S. Paolo
43. Primavera. Botticelli, in the Accademia
44. The Coronation of the Virgin. Fra Angelico, in the Convent of S. Marco
45. The Via de' Vagellai, from the Piazza S. Jacopo Trafossi
46. The Annunciation. Luca della Robbia, in the Spedale degli Innocenti
47. The Birth of the Virgin. Ghirlandaio, in S. Maria Novella
48. The Madonna del Granduca. Raphael, in the Pitti
49. The Piazza Della Signoria on a Wet Friday Afternoon
5. Cain and Abel. Ghiberti, from his second Baptistery Doors
50. The Madonna della Sedia. Raphael, in the Pitti
51. The Concert. Giorgione, in the Pitti
52. Madonna Adoring. Botticini, in the Pitti
53. View of Florence at Evening, from the Piazzale Michelangelo
54. The Madonna and Children. Perugino, in the Pitti
55. A Gipsy. Boccaccio Boccaccini, in the Pitti
56. Evening at the Piazzale Michelangelo, Looking West
57. Back Cover
6. Abraham and Isaac. Ghiberti, from his second Baptistery Doors
7. The Cloisters of San Lorenzo, Showing the Windows of the Biblioteca Laurenziana
8. The Procession of the Magi. Benozzo Gozzoli, in the Palazzo Riccardi
9. Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino. Michelangelo, in the New Sacristy of S. Lorenzo

Publisher: New York : The Macmillan Company





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2020-06-29

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