En route to Cochin China, now known as Vietnam, this groundbreaking diplomatic mission traveled to Madeira, Jamaica, Rio de Janeiro, various islands along the coast of South America, and Java and Djakarta. Barrow, whose Travels in China (1804) established him as an early authority on the Orient, comments on the manners and customs of the inhabitants of each place.

His extensive notes on Cochin China range from its history to particulars about its art, architecture, and religious ceremonies. The latter part of this narrative describes Barrow's travels to the Booshuana Nation, the region now known as Botswana in southern Africa. The handsome color plates include views of Rio and Santa Cruz, the plants of Java, and an African woman, while the folding map shows the southern tip of Africa.

19 colored plates and two folding charts. The aquatinting in this work is excellent.


  • 1. Funchall.
  • 2. Chamber of Skulls in the Franciscan Convent.
  • 3. View of Santa Cruz.
  • 4. Porto Praya in the Island of St. Jago.
  • 5. Arcos de Carioco, or Grand Aquaduct in Rio de Janeiro.
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  • 6. View of the land round the harbour of Rio de Janeiro.
  • 7. Sketch of the Town and Harbour of Rio de Janeiro.
  • 8. Javanese and wounded Shark.
  • 9. Tomb of Colonel Cathcart in the Fort of Anjorie.
  • 10. The Calvinistic Church in Batavia.
  • 11. The Mangoostan.
  • 12. The Rambootan a fruit of the Poolasang.
  • 13. Cochin Chinese Soldier.
  • 14. Scene in a Cochin Chinese Opera.
  • 15. A Group of Cochin Chinese.
  • 16. Cochin Chinese Shipping on the River Taifo.
  • 17. An Offering of First-fruits to the God Fo.
  • 18. [Map] A chart of the Southern Extremity of Africa.
  • 19. An African Woman.
  • 20. Booshuana Village.
  • 21. Bushooana Man & Woman.


Borba de Moraes p.88, Bobins 280, Abbey Travel 514, Cordier 2424, Mendelssohn I, p.43.

Publisher: London, T. Cadell and W. Davies




University of Pittsburgh

ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-04-04

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Map Name
A Voyage to Cochinchina - A Chart of the Southern Extremity of Africa (1806)
A Voyage to Cochinchina - View of the Land Round the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro (1806)

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