[Volume 5] A Voyage Round Great Britain, Undertaken in the Summer of the Year 1813, and Commencing from the Land's-End, Cornwall, By Richard Ayton. With a Series of Views, Illustrative of the Character and Prominent Features of the Coast.


Date: 1821



The voyage was originally planned by Daniell, who asked Ayton to contribute the descriptions, however, the partnership lasted only for the first two volumes, after which the two disagreed on plans for future volumes and Ayton turned to writing comedies for the English Opera House instead. Daniell provided the text and the pictures for the final six volumes. The text for the first two volumes of the Voyage is noticeably longer than that accompanying the succeeding volumes.

For Tooley it is the "most important color plate book on British topography", and Prideaux calls it "the classic of aquatint engraving applied to English scenery . such a succession of beautiful color prints is scarcely to be found elsewhere, and they are unsurpassed both in delicacy of drawing and tinting" (pg 279) and "a treasure-house of beauty" (pg 280).

The work was originally issued in parts costing 10s. 6d. each, and the index chart was an extra 6s. Tooley notes that it was usually included, although the work was complete without it. With three hundred and eight fine hand colored aquatints with grey wash border by and after Daniell.

Eight volumes total. Volume One - Title, dedication, [iii]-v, [1], 215pp, [3]; Volume Two - [2], 223pp, [1]; Volume Three - [4], 80pp; Volume Four - [4], 96pp; Volume Five - [4], 36pp; Volume Six - [4], 94pp; Volume Seven - [2], 90pp and Volume Eight - [4], 65pp, [1], plates.


Abbey Scenery 16; Tooley 177; Bobins 636; Thomson 636.

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Publisher: London : T. Davidson for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown and William Daniell [1814-25]




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