A select collection of views and ruins in Rome and its vicinity : recently executed from drawings made upon the spot


Date: 1815



2 aquatint plates published by J. Merigot, many in conjunction with R. Edwards. The plates are dated from 1796 to 1798; the text is on paper watermarked 1815.

"Printed by Smith & Davy"--Title-page verso. Originally published in two parts: London : R. Edwards, 1797-1799.

Binding: old marbled paper-covered boards; gilt morocco spine; mottled edges.

1. Front Cover
10. Titus's Arch
11. Constantine's Arch
12. The Coliseum
13. Remains of the Temple of Jupiter Stator
14. the Ruins of Caesar's Palace
15. Temple of Remus and Romulus
16. Janus's Arch
17. The Cloaca Maxima
18. Temple of Vesta
19. Temple of Fortuna Virilis
2. Illustrated Title Page
20. Ponte Rotto
21. Arch of St. Lazare
22. The Pyramid of Caius Cestius
23. Latin Gate
24. The Gate of St. Sebastian
25. The Tomb of Cecilia Matella
26. Temple of the God Rediculus
27. Fountain of the Nymph Egeria
28. The Temple of Bacchus
29. The Arch of Dolabella
3. Title Page
30. Villa Medicis
31. Church of St. Andrew
32. Ponte Mole
33. Tomb of Nero
34. The Pantheon
35. Column of Trajan
36. Ponte St. Angelo
37. Temple of Venus
38. Trophy of Marius
39. Temple of Minerva Medica
4. Arch of Septimus Severus
40. Temple of Venus and Cupid
41. St. Agnes Church
42. Ponte Nomentano
43. Ponte Salaro
44. Temple of Hope
45. Tower of Pignattara
46. Ponte Lucano
47. Temple of Tussis or the God of Coughing
48. Stables of Mecoenas Villa
49. Temple of the Sibill at Tivoli
5. The Temple of Concord
50. Cascade of Tivoli
51. Grotto of Neptune
52. Grotto of the Sirens
53. The Great Cascatella at Tivoli
54. The Cascatella and Stables of Mecoenas
55. Bridge of Varus
56. Bridge near Vicovaro
57. Tomb of the Horath
58. Hermitage at Albano
59. Lake of Albano
6. Temple of Antonius and Faustina
60. Temple of Hercules at Cori
61. Lake of Nemi
62. Bridge of Civita Castellana
63. Ruined Bridge at Narni
64. Cascado of Terni
65. Back Cover
7. Arch of Pantani
8. The Temple of Peace
9. Temple of the Sun and Moon

Publisher: London : Sold by Messrs. Robinsons, Mr. White, Mr. Faulder, and Mr. Evans




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