A Picturesque Tour along the Rhine, from Mentz to Cologne. With illustrations of the scenes of remarkable events, and of popular traditions. Embellished with twenty-four highly finished and coloured engravings, from the drawings of M. Schuetz [sic]; and accompanied by a map.


Date: 1820



One of the great 19th century color-plate books. Originally published in six monthly parts. Embellished with 24 coloured engravings from Drawings of M. Schetz accompanied by a map.

Part of one of Ackermann's most lucrative projects was his remarkable Picturesque Tours, a series of seven books produced between 1820-28. This is his Tour Along the Rhine, with beautifully hand-colored aquatints by Daniel Havell and Thomas Sutherland after paintings by Christian Georg Schutz, depicting views of Mentz, the Castle of Furstenberg, the Church of Johannes, Pfalz Castle and the town of Kaub, the salmon fishery at Lurley, Coblentz, Bornhofen, Cologne and other sites along the river.

The plates were pulled and hand-colored in the Ackermann studio, whose reputation for producing splendid illustrated publications and disseminating fine aquatint prints spanned over two centuries. The folding map shows the course of the Rhine from Mentz to Cologne. With accompanying text by Baron von Gerning describing the history and culture of the area (first published in German in 1819, without illustrations).

Translated from the German by John Black. The original [unillustrated] German edition was published in Wies-baden in 1819 as Die Rheingegenden von Mainz bis Colln, and it is clear from the ... 'Vorerinnerung', which is dated 14 June 1819, that Ackermann's edition was already planned; it seems possible in the circumstances, in fact, that the text was commissioned by Ackermann, as were the views for the plates. Another German edition, this time containing twenty-four views, was published in Frankfurt in 1822" (Abbey).

Large folding engraved map with color highlights and 24 hand-colored aquatint plates by D.Havell and T. Sutherland after CG Schutz with tissue guards.

"There are definitely later issues of this book....and these can be recognised by having plate numbers at the top right-hand corner. The impressions in these later issues are poor and the colouring less good" (Abbey).


Abbey Travel 217; Tooley 234; Martin Hardie, pp.107-108; Prideaux, pp337 & 385; Bobins II 461.

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Publisher: London: Published by R. Ackermann....Printed by L. Harrison





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