A Descriptive and Topographical Guide to Costa Scena; or, a Novel and Interesting Cruise along the Southern Coast of the River Thames.


Date: 1823



This panoramic view consists of seven conjoined sheets unrolling to depict (from moving viewpoints) the departure of George IV aboard the Royal George, on his 1822 state visit to Scotland, from Greenwich down the Thames; and an accompanying steamboat veering eastward through stormy waters to Calais.

Hand colored aquatint panorama titled "Costa Scena, or, A cruise along the southern coast of Kent [graphic] / the drawing taken from nature by Robt. Havell, Junr." with numbered illustrations 1. (Greenwich) to 62 (Calais).

Housed inside publisher's boxwood drum, with illustrated lacquered-paper label. The images covering the cylindrical treen case depict Britannia, with her shield containing a roundel portrait of George IV, accompanied by Neptune holding a trident, riding in a shell drawn by two horses with tails, and being driven by a putto.

Comes with a facsimile guide book. Has additional engraved title panel at the leading edge of the panorama. Dedicated to His Most Gracious Majesty George IV.

1 print : hand-colored aquatint ; sheets end-to-end 10 x 54 cm (~ 3" x 156" inches), rolled (in wooden case) to 10 x 7 cm (scroll format)


Abbey, J.R. Life, 490; Bobins supplementary list 08/14.

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Publisher: London: [Robt. Havell & Son],





ISBN-10: N/A

Date Added: 2019-07-29

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