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The Savage South Seas, painted by Norman H. Hardy, described by E. Way Elkington.


Date: 1907



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Elkington, Ernest Way, Hardy, Norman H., The Savage South Seas, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black. 1907.


Elkington, Ernest Way, Hardy, Norman H., (1907) The Savage South Seas, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black.


Elkington, Ernest Way, Hardy, Norman H., The Savage South Seas, Painted and Described. London : A. & C. Black. 1907.


pt. I. British New Guinea.--pt. II. The Solomon Islands.--pt. III. The New Hebrides

xii, 211 p. col. front., col. plates, col. ports., fold. map. 23 cm.

List of Images

1. Front Cover

2. Title Page

3. Off to the Dubu Dance - British New Guinea

4. By Reef and Palm

5. Off to Market, British New Guinea

6. Motu Village from the Sea

7. The Island of Elevera from the Mission Station, Port Moresby, British New Guinea

8. Tree House in British New Guinea

9. Motu Village, Port Moresby, British New Guinea

10. In the Pile Dwellings at Hanuabada, Port Moresby British New Guinea

11. Native of British New Guinea, showing the manner of wearing the hair

12. A New Guinea Dandy

13. Woman with Baby in bag. Fairfax Island, British New Guinea

14. Dinner Time at Kwato, British New Guinea

15. A Kaivakuku, Roro Tribe, Central Division, British New Guinea

16. Harvest Dance, New Guinea

17. Ready for the Dubu Dance

18. The Dubu at Rigo, British New Guinea

19. Tattooing, British New Guinea

20. Large Trading Canoes, British New Guinea

21. Old Women making Pottery, British New Guinea

22. Spearing Fish, British New Guinea

23. Marine Village, Tupusuli, British New Guinea

24. Natives of the New Hebrides having a Drink

25. Gold Miners leaving a trading ship, British New Guinea

26. Johnnie Pratt with his Ivory Nuts at Simbo, Solomon Islands

27. Solomon Island Boy climbing after green cocoa-nuts, near Gavutu, New Florida

28. Solomon Island Village, near Marau Sound, New Florida

29. Early Morning, Gavutu, Solomon Islands

30. Old Ingova's War Canoe House, Rubiana Lagoon, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

31. On the Fringe of a primaeval Forest, Solomon Islands

32. Portrait of a Solomon Island Cannibal

33. Sacred Skull Shrines, British Solomon Islands

34. Ingova's Head-hunters, British Solomon Islands

35. A Canoe showing the "Totoishu," New Georgia, Solomon Islands

36. A Lagoon in New Florida, Solomon Islands

37. Native of New Georgia wearing Sunshade ; a sort of crownless hat made of grasses it can be worn at any angle

38. A Rubiana Native, Solomon Islands

39. A Stormy Day in Rubiana Lagoon, Solomon Islands

40. Cooking the Meal, British New Guinea

41. The Reef near Simbo, Solomon Islands

42. Native Archer shooting Fish, British Solomon Islands

43. Searching for small Octopi on the Reef at low tide, Samari, British New Guinea

44. The Home of the Crocodile, British Solomon Islands

45. A Shrine or Tomb of a Chief at Simbo, Solomon Islands

46. Solomon Islander playing the "Ivivu" or Flute

47. A Tapu Virgin, British Solomon Islands

48. Beneath a Banyan Tree, Malekula Island, New Hebrides

49. The Rapids, Williams River, Island of Eromanga, New Hebrides

50. Mount Marion, the active Volcano, Island of Ambryn, New Hebrides

51. A Village in Santo, New Hebrides

52. Chief's House, Ambryn, New Hebrides

53. The "M'aki" Ground and the Jaws of the sacred Pigs, New Hebrides

54. A Memorial Effigy, Malekula, New Hebrides

55. Drum Grove at Mele, New Hebrides

56. Leaving Santo, a view of the Mountains, New Hebrides

57. A Sacred Man, Aoba, New Hebrides

58. The Stone "Demits," or the Souls, with their attendant wooden figures, Malekula Island, New Hebrides

59. Old Cannibal Chief whom the Artist met on the Island of Aoba, New Hebrides

60. Type of Man from the Island of Tanna, New Hebrides

61. Finishing off a Canoe, British New Guinea

62. Old War Canoes, near Malekula, New Hebrides

63. Havannah Harbour, Rathmoy, New Hebrides

64. Passing the Reef, Aoba, New Hebrides

65. The Island of Samari, British New Guinea

66. A Trader receiving Cocoa-nuts, Aoba, New Hebrides

67. Copra Boys off to the Shore, New Hebrides

68. The "Blackbirders" in the Solomon Islands

69. A Yam Shed on the Island of Tierra Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides

70. The Artist's Guide on Malekula, New Hebrides

71. Sketch Map of the South Sea Islands

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Publisher: London : A. & C. Black





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