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Service afloat : or, The remarkable career of the Confederate cruisers Sumter and Alabama, during the war between the states


Date: 1887



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Semmes, Raphael. Service Afloat. Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co. 1887.


Semmes, Raphael (1887) Service Afloat. Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co.


Semmes, Raphael, Service Afloat. Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co. 1887.


Raphael Semmes was the captain of both the CSS Alabama and the CSS Sumter which were two Confederate Blockade Runners during the American Civil War that that captured many ships for the Confederate States. The CSS Sumter was a converted steam cruiser that operated as a privateer for the Confederate Navy between July and December 1861, taking 18 prizes total. Eventually she was trapped in Gibraltar by Union warships.

The CSS Alabama was a screw sloop-of-war built in 1862 for the Confederate States Navy after the capture of the Sumter and over the course of her two year career she attacked many Union navy and merchant vessels and never once docked at port. The Alabama was finally sunk by the USS Kearsarge in June of 1864 at the Battle of Cherbourg outside the port of Cherbourg in France.

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